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This game contains moving patterns that can be uncomfortable or harmful for some people.
Disable this feature immediately in case of discomfort or seizure.


pIq is a hard platformer with no story, simple graphics and challenging levels with a unique grid-like movement.
You need fast reflexes and precise control over the character in order to finish all the 20 levels.
If you don't like hard and rage inducing games, then this is probably not the game for you but if you like a challenge, then this might be the right thing for you.
Good luck if you decided to give it a shot. You'll need it.


>Design, Art and Programming<

Puzzle Game by Eric Matyas

N3 Album by Nctrnm


Dev's Note:

Unfortuantely, I'm having some strange issues. So because of that, there'll be no bug fixes for quite some time. I'm sorry about this but right now, I can't find any solution to the issue.

The current version is still 95% playable and you should be able to finish the game properly. The bugs mostly consists of typos, some issues with the background music and a bug where you can only use keyboard OR gamepad at any time (the keyboard will be disabled if the game detects any connected gamepad).


pIq.zip 82 MB


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hey, Here's my playtest ;) hope that helps